NIAAD has two (2) intakes each academic year, i.e. January/February intake and August/September intake. The dates of each new intake are communicated to students at the end of every academic year. The dates of arrival/ reporting back to the institution are also communicated to students each semester and academic year through circulars.

Registration exercise

There are three (3) types of registration in the academy which new students and continuing students should undertake, namely; Central Registration, Departmental and Hostel Registration.
Central Registration
This is the first exercise, administered by the academic registrar’s department, for all the fresh students before they are registered in their respective Academic units and Hostels. This registration exercise takes place as soon as a student reports at the academy.
Departmental Registration
All students should register with their respective academic departments and the library. The procedure will entail reporting to the Heads of Department and the Librarian with their registration cards and signing registers accordingly.
Hostel Registration
All students are required to register with the warden or Hostel manager in their respective hostels. Students shall submit their registration forms verified in (1) above and sign the hostel register and hostel regulations as provided by the respective service provider.

Requirements for registration

1. The ORIGINAL ‘O’ and ‘A’ level result slip/ Certificates. For Certificate holders, in addition to ‘O’ Level and ‘A’ level documents where applicable, should present ORIGINAL Certificates and Certified Transcripts from the awarding Institution. Students admitted to special programmes should also present letters of recommendation from the local government (LCs) or NGO sponsor or home institution or established professional artist and designers.
2. An identity card from the previous school or institution or organization.
3. Three photocopies of each of the ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level slips/ certificates and transcripts/ certificates in the case of the Certificate and Diploma holders.
4. Five (5) recently taken passport size photographs. You will be required to present a passport photo at each registration point.
5. Photocopies of fees payment receipts should also be attached to each of the registration form.
6. The names to be used during the registration exercise must be the same names that appear on your NIAAD Admission letter, O’-Level, A’-Level and Certificates obtained from other

NIAAD fees structure

Academic calendar

The academy operates on a semester system. The academy offers day programs which run for five (5) to six (6) days of the week. Except for public holidays identified and confirmed by the NIAAD Council on the academic Year Planner. The academic year is composed of two (2) semesters and a recess term. During the recess term students will engage in further academic and practical activities, e.g. Industrial training, Residence Workshops etc.
The duration of a semester will be seventeen (17) weeks; with fifteen (15) weeks for teaching/Studio Practice and two (2) weeks for examinations. The recess terms will be of ten (10)

Graduation moments

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