ArtLab Africa Residency

EDITION 3 | JULY 20-31 2020

African Art Residency | ed.3 | July 2020

ArtLab Arica Residency | ed.2 | July 2019

ARTLab Africa Residency is an artist residency. An opportunity provided by Art For Change Foundation Norway in collaboration with NIAAD, to artists practicing in the various arts: visual, performing and writing. The artist residency provides space in an art and design academy, for artists to experiment, research and create new ideas while working on self-derived projects; and also, to engage in a period of exploration and collaboration with the students.

Eyayu Genet , Ethiopia – Peris Omondi, Kenya – Orishaba Collen, Uganda –Muhammad Hasan Morshed, Bangladesh – Katumba Simon PeterAtwom BenjaminKumbuka RonaldAhwera Alex, Uganda – Kyakimwa Nzangi Abischag, Congo – Sherry Erskine, USA – Robert Ellis, Northern Ireland – Eirik Jarl Trondsen, Norway – Nanyondo Justine, Uganda – Maasai Mbili Artists’ Collective, Kenya.

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