The Design Department includes visual communication design, fashion design, textile and jewelry design. All are designed to prepare students for the award of a Certificate and a Diploma.

There is a renewed demand for Fashion design courses in Uganda today. Designers are increasingly using fashion as a symbol of identity and as a medium of expression to articulate social, political, cultural, political, and aesthetic issues in society today. Indeed, fashion is also one of the fastest growing industries globally. Despite this, Uganda has very limited training opportunities in fashion designing. Majority of people practicing in the fashion industry in Uganda today, lack formal fashion training and hence their products have limited market opportunities outside their immediate environment. The proposed DFD will address these problems. Fashion Design is one of the applied Arts that applies aesthetic principles to the design or decoration of useful objects/products. This definition brings together aesthetics and design art, articulating its academic, functional, and practical relevance towards addressing society’s needs. The practical relevance of integrated fashion design has not been

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