Diploma in Textiles and Jewelry

The aim of the Diploma in Textile and Jewelry Design (DTJD) is to allow students who are focusing on creative visual jewelry and textile design aspects to enrich their knowledge and skills in studio practice. The Diploma in Jewelry and Textile Design (DTJD) will allow studio-based students in textile and jewelry design to have more time to pursue Textile and Jewelry studies on a recognized international structure approach. The programme provides in-depth studio teaching and individual studio experimentations. The teaching of art history is a core course on the DTJD programme. This is done in order to give students some insights into selected contemporary world art movements, and how they have influenced the growth and development of Textile and Jewelry design. Also to note in the DTJD programme, is the emphasis to individual studio exploration. Students will spend much time on their own carrying out directed individual studio explorations in order to become individual designers who can use art and design to engage the society into social, economic, and political growth and development. DTJD programme, will also allow the development of critical thinking towards researching into our disappearing cultures through art and design history, cultural studies and studio research.


It targets A- level leavers and certificate of Art and design holders, who have done Art after the completion of their O- level, with a desire to pursue a career in Textile and Jewellery Designing. At the completion of the course, a candidate is awarded a Diploma in Textile and Jewellery Design (DTJD).

History of Art
Introduction to Photography
Introduction to Drawing
Introduction to Textile Design
Introduction to Jewellery Design
Introduction to Textile Science
Exhibition I
Communication Skills
Information Technology
Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Business Practice
Concept Development and Process in Textile
Jewellery Techniques and Methods
Exhibition II
History of Art II
Intermediate Photography
Intermediate Drawing
Different techniques of Textile Designing
Experimental Jewellery
Introduction to Art Studio Research Methodology
Exhibition III
Entrepreneurship and Professional practice II
Advanced Drawing
Art Studio Research(Report)
Textile Design Project
Photography Project
Jewellery Design Project
Exhibition IV

There shall be an exhibition of practical courses at the end of every semester and will be marked out of 50%. The exhibition shall include a catalog outlining the student’s objectives in each of the elective/core practical courses, artist’s statement, and practical art works. It should also reflect the students’ potential in identifying and selecting works for exhibition from the collection of his/her semester’s work.
Note: The exhibition cuts across all the Diploma programs.

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