Upcoming Exhibition: “COLLECTION

The Art exhibition titled COLLECTION will open at Seyna Art Gallery on 6th March 2020. The exhibition is curated by a Dutch sculptor Cornelis Rijken.

COLLECTION is an activation of a ten years’ old art archive of the works done by the students and fraternity of Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design. The same event will mark the opening of the face-lifted exhibition space of Seyna Art Gallery to the wider art and culture market, beyond the precincts of the Art academy.

NIAAD is renovating its Art Gallery. New exhibitions are planned starting March 2020. The full exhibition program will soon follow.


Our future University

Over the period 2019-2025 NIAAD shall transition into a degree awarding institution of higher learning with the name African Institute of Design and Technology (AIDT) with a campus in Masaka, south east of Kampala. The institution will be offering a number of lucrative courses including Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor in Fine Art and other disciplines. During the period, there will be focus on infrastructural development, governance and institutional effectiveness together with library and studio services. Over the same period the institute shall harness the ongoing partnership with numerous institutions and agencies for greater achievement.
Here are a few pictures of the construction under way.