Students & Alumnae

Our students combine curiosity, experimentation and enthusiasm in the pursuit of learning. At NIAAD students are inspired to promote local art and craft skills, learn cutting edge design technology and encourage one another through a network of alumnae and international artists which gives them a unique perspective on the variety of expression existing throughout the world.

Five among many …

Haverk David “I’m a South Sudanese. I attended Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design since I love fashion. Now I am back in Giuba and work as a fashion designer also for actors and tv programs.”

Higman Moses “I’m an artist from NIAAD. I love colours in my art pieces and I also like telling stories in my art. NIAAD is a good school. When I came at NIAAD I felt I was in the right place. The school has helped me work hard and to do something on my own.”

Keyden Pamela “I joined NIAAD in 2017 for fashion and I am glad I learnt a lot from my lecturers because most of them are very free with us. Studying in NIAAD has really groomed me into a better designer because now I can make garments of all sorts and as well as household.”

Kasanvu Isaac “I got my Certificate in Art and Design. I achieved and acquired knowledge and skills that I have been able to apply in physical and mental work like pottery, painting, marketing and sales, exhibiting. I have got now a Diploma in Communication Design for further development.”

Philip Batista Viola “I’m south sudanese. I joined NIAAD in 2017. I like modelling and I was able to make clothes and create new designs using African Kitenge and sell them as well.”

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